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Hi Stranger!

My name is not Masha*, but you can call me that. I was born physically in Venezuela but I suspect my soul was born elsewhere; it may explain why I’m always on the move in search of that holy grail: home.

What you may want to know about me: 

I get excited about silly things, I smile unconsciously and laugh loudly, I try really hard to not let life’s ups and downs take me down -even when I lose over 100 euros due to poor planning- I enjoy the occasional drink and I prefer eating vegan or vegetarian. I may write about that.


I’m also a feminist (no, not a man hater just an equal rights lover), traveler, hard worker, amateur cook,  language lover, EDM dancer and world history/literature wannabe buff, that’s not very good at defining herself through boxes.

Or short lists, apparently.

That's me excited about history!
That’s me excited about history!

So here I am, traveling on budgets and projects, snapping pictures of everything I do, taste and see so that others may share the experience with me.  Usually it’s my family and friends, but since you’ve come here that means you too!

Why you ~may~ want to read or follow:

I’m a part time wanderer. Wanderlust doesn’t begin to describe it.  I like to travel like a local and I want to help others do that too! Get the real deal: not just the touristy things, but the down-to-earth, there’s more to Paris than the Eiffel tower experience-thing.

You may find at times posts about what to do in places, how to do things on the cheap, when and where to indulge like a #highroller and some of my personal realizations as I experience the world on the go.

There will  likely be some profanity. And pointless #hashtags.

Welcome stranger, I hope my journeys inspire or help you on your own.



*It’s the Russian version of my name and I like it better. As you may have guessed, or used Google Translate to tell you, my name is actually Maria.

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